The Glue Up

After looking at the pictures you know that these are two large slabs. They measure about 40 inches across and about 6 feet long. The trick was getting a glue ready edge and that took some extra hands to drag the boards across the jointer.After a few passes on the jointer and some adjustments with a hand plane I was left with two flat and square edges. No biscuits or the like required here just good old fashion glue. I did make the move to the Titebond III because I like the slower set up time and the consistency of it verses Titebond II or I. The glue has a little dark tint to it but for Walnut its great. Final note on Titebond III is that it is waterproof and the earlier models are not. Many clamps required on this glue up and after a dry fit glue up I recruited Jill and we got it done!


This is my current project. After our current coffee table was subject to the “Thistle Kids” Jill and I decided it was time for a new table.  After some thought I really wanted to do something new and interesting. I felt like the last few projects I built were more straight line projects (don’t know why I built three rocking chairs) and I was really looking for something different. The live edge was something that I have always found neat so decided to give it a try. The trick was finding a slab that really looked nice. After some searching a came across a book matched set of 10/4 walnut cut about the size that I needed. I knew the minute I saw this set it was right for the table. Check it out…


Hope you enjoy my projects and discussion. Since my back injury woodworking has become a much larger part of my life than it was prior to the injury. I have always stayed active in woodworking but now have a dedicated shop and have put together some projects I am very proud of. I will make sure to include projects both past and present and certainly will include projects in process.